Termination Of This Agreement Shall Not Relieve

30.2 The contractor/supplier was fully satisfied that its rates and/or prices are correct and sufficient to cover all of its contractual obligations and commitments, as well as all the questions and questions necessary for the proper performance of the work. Therefore, the supplier is not entitled to an additional payment due to a lack of knowledge, it is not exempt from obligations and/or excuses. 24.2. In the case of the application of a right to which he is entitled under the provisions of the order, the remedies of the third-party beneficiaries are limited to damages. A third party beneficiary is not entitled to grant him benefits or rights granted under this order. 34.1 The contractor/supplier is required to perform the contract itself and does not cede all or part of its rights, obligations or all or all of the works to be provided without the agreement of ZEAT. The ZEAT agreement does not absolve the supplier of any liability or obligation of the contract and remains fully responsible and is responsible for the actions, delays and negligence of a subcontractor, his accomplice of execution: service assistants or construction workers, as if it were the acts, faults or negligence of the contractor or supplier, its enforcement assistants, its enforcement assistants or subcontractors, and the supplier with any subcontractor or contractor, that the subcontractor or contractor is bound by the terms of the contract and that it respects them and ensures that the subcontractor or contractor will comply with them. If a part of this Agreement is found to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, this illegality, disability or inapplicability does not affect the legality, validity or applicability of the agreement as a whole or of all remaining parties. 18.4 After receiving ZEAT materials, the supplier/supplier is immediately subject to visual control and communicates in writing to ZEAT within three (3) business days following receipt of the defects found by this review. If the ZEAT contractor/supplier does not notify under this clause and ZEAT suffers losses or costs as a result of such a failure or loses a guarantee, the contractor/supplier fully reimburses these losses or costs or the loss of any guarantee at its own expense. 13.1.15 Allow ZeAT to review the contractor/supplier`s bargaining audits and require staff to conduct independent audits when ordered, and if staff pass the review, the fees will be reimbursed by ZEAT.

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