Tear Down Agreement

Our Teardown projects allow us to respond to the shortage of components on the market and in our own pool and to address component shortages. We do ongoing evaluations of assessed aircraft for future acquisitions, rippers and component asset management. We make daily phone calls with our partners to get an update on the condition of the aircraft and feedback on progress, and this is referenced with the agreed list of components to be harvested in the work plan. In order to ensure that aircraft parts are removed according to standard procedure, we provide the component maintenance manuals associated with this type of aircraft, as well as the part number and serial number, as listed on the aeronautical equipment list, and we provide the acuity facility with the exact information necessary to properly remove these parts. This information may be of interest to do-it-yourselfers, but it can also be used commercially by the technical community, for example to find out which semiconductor components are used in consumer electronics products such as the Wii video game console or Apple`s iPhone. This knowledge can facilitate an understanding of how the product works, including innovative design features, and make it easier to estimate the list of parts. The financial community therefore has an interest in demolition, as knowledge of how a company`s products are built can help guide an assessment of actions. Manufacturers are often not allowed to disclose components contained in a product under confidentiality agreements (NDA). Teardowns may also play a role in the evidence in court and court proceedings in which parts of a company have used, falsified or shown, without their permission, where intellectual property or patents could be infringed by the party or system of another company. With more than 200 years of accumulated experience in demolitions, we have seen them evolve and refine over the past 25 years. It has also influenced how aircraft are separated and developed proprietary methods that provide greater value to the process.

A demolition of the product, or simply demolishing, is the act of dismantling a product, so it helps identify its components, the functionality of chip and computational components.

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