Stock Transfer Agreement Sec

(m) Link refers to security interest, deposit, debt relief, leasing, mortgage, mortgage, assumption, conditional purchase and ownership agreement, charge or other pledge of any property of the borrower for the benefit of a person. a) Full agreement. This note and each of the related loan documents, dated to the date of this agreement, constitute the entire agreement between the borrower and the lender with respect to the purpose of this agreement and are at the discretion of all agreements, negotiations, correspondences, correspondences, agreements and communications between the parties, either in writing or orally, with respect to this matter. The borrower acknowledges that he does not rely on insurance or agreement from Lender or a staff member, lawyer or representative of the lender, with agreements other than those specified in this note and related credit documents. 2.2 Certificates (a) . At the time of entry into force, the parent company will issue share certificates reflecting the common stock that will be issued to company members pursuant to Section 2.1. CONSIDERING that the parties enter into this agreement in a single transaction in which the parent company acquires all issued and unpaid membership units of the company, all held by the members of the company in exchange for a total of 11,256,369 shares of the common stock, Demim. The 1986 internal income code, as amended, and the financial settlement; and (iii) to declare, set aside, make or distribute a dividend or other distribution to their shareholders or members, if this may be the case, or to exchange, purchase or otherwise acquire or purchase one of their shares, authorize or recapitalize , or to change their stock of authorized or issued capital; the rights or obligations of a third party under or other rights to terminate, modify, accelerate or cancel or create privileges, security interest, fees or other charges on any of the characteristics or assets of the parents under any of the conditions, terms or conditions of a loan, loan, mortgage, discernment, act of trust, license, lease, contract or any other obligation to which Parent or his real estate is bound. Unless otherwise stated in the parent data plan, the execution and delivery of this agreement by the parents has not been carried out and the implementation of this agreement by the parents does not require the consent, approval, approval or approval or submission of a government unit or notification to a government agency or other third party regarding Parent. (4) One or more defaults consist of an agreement with third parties or parties that consists of refusing to pay debt at maturity or that allows a third party or third party to accelerate the maturity of the debt to a total amount of more than $100,000 ($150,000). (k) become an investment company or an investment company controlled by an investment company under the Investment Companies Act 1940, or as one of its major activities that extend credits to the purchase or acquisition of marginal shares, or use the proceeds of a loan for that purpose; do not meet the minimum funding requirements of the 1974 Employment Income Security Act, and its rules, as amended from time to time (ERISA), allow for a notifiable event or prohibited transaction to take place within the meaning of ERISA; does not contravene the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act or violate other laws or regulations if it can reasonably be considered that the infringement has a significant negative effect on the activity or operation of borrowers, or can reasonably be considered to result in a significant negative change, or if one of its subsidiaries is authorized to do so.

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