Rule 16(2) Of The Common Regulations Under The Madrid Agreement And Protocol

In the new Rule 27 bis of the common regulations of the Madrid Agreement and the Protocol, paragraph 1, point (a), states that “the request of the holder of the international registration for some of the products and services of a designated party is submitted to the International Bureau on the corresponding official form only by the Office of that designated party, as soon as the Agency is satisfied that the division whose registration is requested meets the requirements of its applicable law, including tax requirements.” The new features and key rules applicable to these procedures are explained below: Finally, the amendments and points mentioned in the previous paragraphs also affect Article 32 of the joint regulations of the Madrid Agreement and the protocol on the publication of trademarks in the wiPO scoreboard. Paragraph 1, point a), of this rule now states that “the International Office has relevant data in the Official Journal on […] (viiibis) In accordance with Rule 27bis (4) and merger in accordance with Rule 27ter.” In addition, paragraph 2 provides that “the International Office publishes in the Official Journal (i) any communication in accordance with the rules […], 27bis (6), 27ter (2) (b) or 40 (6) […]”. The brand`s international system is becoming more and more technical. Dreyfus helps you with your brand protection strategies in every country in the world. Different formalities must be respected for such a distribution. The application should, for example, be submitted through the IpY Office concerned by the divisional application. In addition, Notice 21/2018 states that “the Relevant Agency may review the application to share an international registration to ensure that it meets the requirements of applicable national or regional law before it is submitted to the WIPO International Office. The Agency may also require payment of a fee that differs directly from the royalty owed to the WIPO International Office.” The notice states that “all provisions relating to the merger of international registrations are consolidated in the new Rule 27th of the Common Regulations” after Article 27, paragraph 3, has been removed from the same text. As a result of these communications to the Director General of WIPO, contracting parties may, at any time, change their position and accept these requests. Communication 21/2018 states that “international divisional demand can only be merged with the international registration from which it has been separated.” A request to merge international registrations resulting from the registration of the division of an international registration can only be made by the holder through the Agency which has submitted the share application.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) presents in its communication 21/2018 the various changes made to this text. This information relates to: the holder of an international registration may only request the sharing of an international registration for some of the designated products and services for a single designated party.

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