Bsf Agreement

The United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) is an institution that promotes collaborative research in a variety of basic and applied scientific disciplines and was founded in 1972 by an agreement between the governments of the United States and Israel. Many scientists participating in BSF programs have won prestigious awards such as the Nobel Prize, Lasker and Wolf. [1] The Foundation`s fellows include 43 Nobel laureates, 19 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award winners and 38 Wolf Prize winners. [2] [3] All BSF contracts are staffed by specific articles detailing the rights and obligations of the Stock Exchange Institute, the OSB and the governments of the United States and Israel with respect to financial aid findings and patents. The fellow and his institution must ensure that they read and carefully consider these contractual obligations. Then you get options. Options include whether they extend the campaign in months or to different countries or something else you can imagine. All the tips mentioned above are reasonable and fair, but to be clear: the BSF (Basic Studio Fee) is the one-time payment that is made to you at the time of shooting (or shortly after), that is, if you shoot a work day, you earn this fee, two days you win twice and so on. The buyout is the lump sum that is given to you to the point where the material swims.

There may be additional clauses in the contract that waive your right to that money if, for whatever reason, the material is not shown: you must commit to it. This is a “buyout” because every time the material is displayed, you are not entitled to leftovers: you will receive the lump sum and the payment obligation from the production company will then be considered finished. Any BSF or BSF-BSF grant may be revoked by the OSB 30 days after the notice of the Principal Controller (s) and Fellows (s) (s). The revocation does not affect the financial commitment of a grant established prior to the effective date of the OSB shutdown and the grant or grant. Research authorities should keep all relevant research expense documents for a period of seven years from the end of the fellowship. This material must be archived so that it can be easily retrieved for monitoring. The scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis, evaluated by experts, a process that is reviewed by scientists from the United States, Israel and around the world. To be considered, grant applications must be of excellent scientific quality and demonstrate substantial cooperation between key U.S. and Israeli investigators. They must be used for peaceful purposes and carried out under the aegis of non-profit organizations such as universities, research institutes and government agencies. You can get more money for rehearsals (although it is very rare today that an agreement on leftovers is offered to you in the long term) if the original contract offered you the opportunity. B to be paid for example.

another percentage of the initial package based on the fact that z.B a campaign/series lasts more than a year, but this is not obvious, and if the ad does not indicate that the option is available, it is likely that they will not offer it.

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