Agreement On Federal Financial Relations

(a) for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2008 – the amount set by the Minister; or the Commonwealth provides general financial assistance to compensate Western Australia for the loss of licence fees resulting from the removal of the oil consumption tax exemption for the duration of the 2008-2009 condensate budget. 4. The Minister may decide, through a legal instrument, how the total amount covered in paragraph 2, point (c) should be indexed for a given fiscal year. The provision must include a list of the total amount for this fiscal year. The designated housing contract refers to an agreement that is (c) expressed in the form of a designated housing agreement within the meaning of this Act; and (b) the total amount levied from the COAG reform fund during the year for the granting of such grants; 6. Financial assistance is provided to a state in this section, provided that financial assistance is devoted to skills and labour development. (a) the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2009; and (i) address the priority homelessness cohorts mentioned in the primary housing contract; and (7) Under this section, financial assistance is provided to the Government for the fiscal year, provided that the State spends, on its own resources, $1 for homelessness for every $1 paid for the year. The Commonwealth provides general financial assistance to the Territory of the Australian Capital for: (c) for a subsequent fiscal year – the total amount covered in this subsection for the previous fiscal year, which is indexed in accordance with the subsection (4). (1) It is a condition for the payment of financial assistance under this Act to a state that the state, if it does not meet a condition with respect to payment, if the Minister decides to do so, will reimburse the Commonwealth for the amount specified in the decision. 4. Subsidies that must be paid to a state in accordance with this section are subject to the additional conditions (if they exist) under the designated housing agreement. (2) The total amount of financial assistance to the States covered in item 1 is set for one fiscal year: 9. The terms of all general financial aid payments are provided in the “Schedule D – Payment Arrangements” of the Intergovernmental Agreement.

Calendar 1 of this provision contains a summary of the relevant provisions for general macro-financial assistance. 5. Financial assistance is paid to the State in accordance with this section for the fiscal year, provided that the State is entitled to financial assistance for a fiscal year for the entire period in accordance with the primary housing contract or the supplementary housing contract. provision for the first subsequent, passable exercise.

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